Ryburn Valley High dances

Dancer: Harvey

Dance Location: Ryburn Valley High

This is a dance that... built up my confidence to perform to loads of people.

The dance happened in year 10 or 11, it was part of my BTEC course, so I would have been about 15 years old. It was quite an energetic dance, lots of arms and leg movements - it used every part of the body. Some of it we made up and some of it we were taught by the teacher. It lasted for about two minutes and we performed it to an Abba medley. I remember I was wearing a purple shirt; I don't have that shirt any more.

It took a long time to put the dance piece together. When I was dancing, it made me feel good inside to let out all my emotions.

I've had lots of dances in this hall. I remember one from the beginning of school when there was a bunch of students asking me to dance and I did, but then I managed to break my arm during it! It was lucky it wasn't my writing hand. And another dance where we did a piece on an aeroplane to Cliff Richard, Summer Holiday. I'm still up in some of the photos on the walls here. It's quite emotional to be back at the school. All of my old teachers are recognising me, so I feel like a bit of celebrity.