Dances on the rocks

Dancer: Rebecca

Dance Location: Cullercoats Bay, Tynemouth

This is a dance that... brings me home to my body.

It's a dance with my feet sinking in to the earth and the sounds of the waves soothing me. It's a curved, swirly dance with lots of jumps, leaps and catches.

It happened in the late morning on a day with brilliant sunlight. I danced it facing mainly towards the sea to avoid eye contact with anyone. There were other people on the beach but I was just in my own space - I've got no idea if anyone was watching.

I have lots of dances on beaches. I think it's just the sheer enjoyment of moving outside in open space. And the natural texture, the way the sand absorbs you. This dance sits in my heart and in the soles of my feet.

I've not taught it or danced it with anyone else - it's more of a solo. When I danced it I felt joyous, open-hearted. I was different then, I had less sadness.

There's nothing I've forgotten about the dance, I don't think it's got any secrets. I would say that what I've forgotten is how to access my inner child as easily and with as much abandon. I feel like if you lose dance, you lose something about yourself.