Confident dances

Dancer: Kate

Dance Location: Everywhere Kit and I go together

This is a dance that... takes place every morning.

I dance it with my son, Kit, who's three, in the kitchen in the morning. He's in his PJs and I wear a dressing gown, normally a blue fluffy one that he likes to hide inside.

It looks a bit like something between riding a horse and doing a chicken wing flap. It has rhythm, or a tune as Kit would call it. Ta tat, ta tat, ta tat, ta tat.

We also dance it on our way to places, like to the bus stop or nursery. It usually lasts for as long as we're travelling and it ends when we get somewhere. It's a purposeful and confident dance. Kits leads it and I follow him. It's a conversation.

When I dance it I feel joyful and proud. Proud of him and his lack of inhibitions. It's his happy dance and when I see him doing it I know he's in a good place, without a care in the bloody world.