Mother and daughter dances – part 2

Dancer: Lesley

Dance Location: Anywhere we feel like dancing

This is a dance that... takes me back to when Ashlee was a baby and I would dance with her in my arms.

We danced all the time. My mum and dad did a lot of jiving when I was growing up and I'd recreate some of those moves with Ash when she was a toddler. I would have been in my early twenties and I suppose I was more free with dancing then. My dance teacher at school, Mrs Huxley - even now as an adult I still can't call her Jane - taught us that dancing was freedom and made me feel like everything I did was beautiful. Because of her, I felt confident to just dance anywhere - Ash and I used to dance down the aisles in the supermarket. It does upset me that I can't dance as freely as that now because of my health.

This dance makes me feel happy, connected to Ash, and really relaxed because I'm so familiar with it. That's a nice feeling, that familiarity.

We dance it together on nights out but we also dance it at home in our pyjamas - we do that a lot. We always feel good at the end, it's sort of like the final act of the night.