Mother and daughter dances – part 1

Dancer: Ash

Dance Location: Usually in a club or at home in the kitchen

This is a dance that... me and my mum always do.

I don't even know where it started, it's happened a lot over the years. My earliest memory of doing it is as a teenager. It's not always danced with my mum, though it should be really, but I have cheated on her with other people. Only close friends though, I wouldn't just dance it with anyone, and I much prefer doing it with my mum. She's my favourite person to dance with.

We go out dancing a couple of times a month and we dance together all the time in the house. We do have other dances but this is the 'go-to' dance. It's also the dance that helped me graduate from uni because we performed it as part of my degree show.

I love dancing it. I get a bit giddy with it. Sometimes I forget what I'm supposed to do with my feet because there's such a specific choreography with the arms, so I just try and make my feet follow my mum's feet. It's hilarious when it goes wrong. I think I enjoy doing it more when it doesn't go right.

It's a dance with lots of arms. You need a lot of space to show it off to its full potential. It's best at the end of the night when the dance floor is a bit empty. It usually ends quite dramatically with a big finish and then we have a cuddle and a kiss, and walk off the dance floor holding hands.