Many moons ago dances

Dancer: Christine

Dance Location: The Lyndale, Eccles

This is a dance that... was all the rage at the time.

I was part of a group of girls and we would go jiving together at the Lyndale in Eccles, which is still going now as a snooker hall. This was at the end of the '50s and start of the '60s, many moons ago now. Then it was a dance hall, with pictures up on the walls of the stars of the moment, and we'd dance to Elvis, 'Rock Around The Clock', and Jerry Lee Lewis.

It was a very energetic dance, whizzy, all arms and legs. We'd wear dirndl skirts, high-waisted and floaty with a bit of an underskirt, and shirts from school with the sleeves rolled up, and the kind of shoes that squash your toes together. Those shoes are probably why I can't walk very well now.

There weren't many places to go then, other than to the Girl Guides to get your badges for silly things, and I remember we felt like we were the bees knees being out at night-time. We'd stay out until 10 o'clock sometimes when we had the royal permission. Afterwards, we'd just go home, there were no milk bars or anything open late back then.