Dances that feel like fire

Dancer: Luca

Dance Location: Monasterio, Barcelona

This is a dance that... comes from a very sweaty, small, basement room and involves lots of intertwined thighs.

It's a dance with a man called Eyal, who I met while I was living in Barcelona. Eyal was from Brazil, I think, and he was a great dancer. He made the dance. I danced it with other people too, but those dances were just sweaty, not sexy. No one danced it the way that Eyal did.

The dance is really close, in pairs, facing one another, moving backwards and forwards. It's not a shimmy. It's more ferocious, there's very little breathing space. It's sort of like the moves from salsa, but on one another. Legitimised dry humping for strangers. It's a bit like riding a horse. It only works when you're following each other's rhythm.

The dance felt like fire and, honestly, like it was really sexy foreplay. It sits in my groin. I had a boyfriend at the time and it felt like legitimate naughtiness. One time when he came to visit I took him to Monasterio and then spent the whole night dancing with Eyal. He was deeply disappointed.

The dance would end around four in the morning. This place was near the sea and where I lived wasn't, so I would walk back home through the city.

I haven't danced it since I left Barcelona.