Emotional dances

Dancer: Sita

Dance Location: Brighton Dome

This is a dance that... I think of fondly.

I will always remember it. It was my favourite dance I've ever done. It was a duet with my friend Denzel, in year 11, when we got to choreograph our own piece for the school dance show. We made a contemporary piece, with fluid movements and delicate gestures.

We danced it to Imogen Heap, Hide and Seek, a song that we used to sing all the time at school. A lot of the movements represented the lyrics. It wasn't a showy piece, it was more sentimental. It felt like a lot of love. It was the end of school for us too, so it was an emotional time. After our final performance we just looked at each other and cried.

I'm so critical usually, but this dance was the only time I've ever performed and not wished I could have changed something. It felt special, just being happy with what we did and not wanting any more or any less. I never feel like that anymore.

It's nice to think about it. We were so happy then. We're still friends, but we haven't danced together since. Denzel is an amazing dancer, he's a professional now commercial stuff and teaching. I stopped dancing after college, I felt like I should do something academic, which I regret. I think that’s maybe why this is making me feel emotional too, because if I thought then like I do now I might have had the confidence to keep going…