Drunken Dances

Dancer: Ali

Dance Location: St Ann's Square, Manchester

This is a dance that... I did when I was drunk, really drunk. I'm surprised I remember it actually.

It was the most fun night out I'd had since I started uni. It was the first time I'd met other people that I felt were a bit like me. It was around midnight and we were walking from a pub to a club, and we just started dancing around the bench with our hands on each other's shoulders, singing 'let's all do the conga'.

The dance lasted a long time, probably 6 or 7 minutes. We thought it was really funny. We're still friends now and I think this will be a joke forever. We were kicking our legs up really high. I whacked my left leg up and scraped it on the stone. It was bleeding the rest of the night. It ended with someone falling over and it all kind of fell apart at that point.

Now the dance sits in my hands. The feeling of shoulders moving up and down.

I have danced it since. At my work, at a wedding when I was working and the guests wanted us to join in, and in Toronto a few weeks ago. I've never been the one to start it, but I'd like to be.