Dance Room Dances: Part II

Dancer: Mim

Dance Location: The Dance Room

This is a dance that... made me realise my partner was the same as me.

It was a journey of discovery in our relationship. We were finding out a lot about each other without really having to say anything. It was all in the music we played and how we danced. I felt happy and excited and interested. I wanted more of it, for it to go on the whole night.

We danced to loads of different music. There was a mad avant-garde ten minutes dancing to Squarepusher. I can't remember the title of that one. A bit of socialist disco. Robert Wyatt - Age of Self. Some Detroit Techno. Something by Underground Resistance.

We'd dance through the night from around 12am-6am. The light was dim but then the sun came up. We went from darkness to daylight. I could see the possibilities for the future in the person I was dancing with.

The dance sits in my core. In my nerve centre. It was hot and steamy. Sweaty. Heady. Pure pleasure. I just love dancing.