Dances with glow sticks

Dancer: Karolynne

Dance Location: Clubbercise Classes, Gateshead

This is a dance that... I can enjoy without feeling awkward.

I went to every dance class as a child until I hit my teenage years when it suddenly all felt a bit awkward. So now I don't really dance socially, other than in that window on a night out between being drunk enough to dance and not too drunk.

With Clubbercise it's more about exercise and it was nice to find something to join in with without feeling self-conscious. I started going to it for charity and I went back because it was such good fun. It happens in a community centre, with the main lights off and lighting effects instead. It feels quite rave-y. I usually wear bright sports wear, patterned leggings, and we dance with glow sticks. Some people get really into it and come with UV paint on.

There's lots of 90s music, proper dancing tracks. It's quite high energy, loads of jumping, knee lifts, spinning and trying not to fall over. It's great because no one cares if you go the wrong way. I love watching the choreography of all the glow sticks.

It's around 45 minutes for a session and then that's it - you go home afterwards feeling nice and virtuous. It's like you've had a big night out but with no hangover the next day.