Continuous dances – part 2

Dancer: Amir

Dance Location: Our kitchen

This is a dance that... is an integral part of me.

I vaguely remember the first time. I don't remember the song, I just remember our surprise at what had happened. We were in our kitchen, which is comfortable for cooking but it's not a big space for dancing. We weren't wearing the right clothes, didn't have the right speakers, and our kids were around, but suddenly we just started dancing and the rest of the world disappeared, and it was just the two of us. Now we do this almost every day.

The dance is integrated in to the fabric of our lives together. We don't have to make a special space for it. We're at home often and the potential for the dance to happen is there all the time - preparing breakfast, in the middle of the working day, while we're making dinner...

The songs we dance to change. When one of us is in the kitchen and a song comes on that clicks, we turn up the volume and the other person comes out from wherever they are in the house. It's like a signal: 'Stop what you're doing right now and come and dance with me'.

When I think about the dance and I'm not dancing it (now, here, or in the office etc.) I have a craving for it. And when I'm in it, I'm immersed, and I don't want it to end. When I dance it, physically I see Tilly, and non-physically I see love. For me, the dance doesn't have a smell. It's more of a touch sensation, it's the feeling of her skin. And I agree, we do kiss a lot, it's that taste.

I've always enjoyed dancing, I was never a wallflower, but if I have a regret looking back it's that I didn't dance more. When we dance together I'm thankful for that opportunity. I feel lucky that I found this, that we found this, when we did.