#Sergina dances

Dancer: Elly

Dance Location: Brighton seafront

This is a dance that... I did as #Sergina for Brighton Digital Festival 2016.

#Sergina is a drag queen, but not a very good one. She's not very well dressed and she's quite bad at makeup. For this dance, #Sergina was being played by five different people (including me) in five different cities all beginning with B: Brooklyn, Belgrade, Bristol, Berlin and Brighton. We danced it together via Google Hangout.

#Sergina is obsessed with her phone. This dance is to a song I wrote called I've got my phone in my wallet. It was inspired by a gold wallet I bought in LA that was designed so you could keep your phone in it, which, it turns out, is completely impractical! The dance itself is a take on the YMCA but we're using our bodies to spell out 'P', 'I', 'W'.

The dance sits in my hips. Usually when I'm #Sergina people don't know what my gender is, and my hips are my main give away, so I'm always conscious of them. For this dance I wore gold hot pants, a leopard print jacket, bad makeup, high-heeled shiny shoes, and metallic tattoos on my neck. I was pretending I could control my phone with the tattoos, which apparently is a real thing now...

A lot of people have danced this with me over the years. From California to Brighton. Every time I dance it, I'll add a new person, in a new city, as a new version of #Sergina.