‘I only have one dance’ dances

Dancer: Julie

Dance Location: I'll dance it anywhere...

This is a dance that... has endured.

It first happened in the early '80s, I would have been about 18. It's a dance that just happened one day and I've carried on doing it. I can't dance or sing to save my life, but I do enjoy it. Nobody else dances like me.

The first time I danced it was in The Continental, or The Conti Club as we used to call it, in Manchester. It's not there anymore, I think there's a casino there now.

'The Whole of the Moon' by The Waterboys. That's where it started, but now I'll dance it to anything. I remember one time dancing it at a wedding to The Smiths. No-one else was dancing but I have to dance to The Smiths.

It's a dance where I'm waving my arms around in the air, dancing around and shouting 'yeah!'. It's changed now that my legs have gone, the leg bit of the dance doesn't really happen anymore, and now I've got a sore shoulder it might become just a one-armed dance. But I'll keep on going because it makes me laugh. It usually ends with me collapsing in a heap, shouting 'let's have another cider!'.