Kate Bush dances

Dancer: Miz

Dance Location: The house where I grew up

This is a dance that... even now makes me feel inspired and invigorated and will always remind me of childhood.

The first time I danced it I would have been pretty young. It's the first thing I remember connecting with as a kid. I saw Kate Bush on Top of the Pops, decided I was going to be Kate Bush, and that's continued ever since. Part of me still wishes I was her.

I particularly loved Wuthering Heights. I don't think we had it on vinyl, I probably recorded it off the radio. My mum was an English teacher, so I enjoyed the connection to the book. Mum was not a Kate Bush fan, she was more into Cliff Richard.

We lived in this big Victorian house and anyone who visited was susceptible to becoming an audience for one of my Kate Bush shows. I would sashay down the stairs into the hallway and make a grand entrance, much to dad's annoyance. He'd sit in the corner with his newspaper in front of his face.

I didn't understand what contemporary dance was about, so it was basically just me wearing floaty clothes and waving my arms about. But I was so channelling this absolute sense of freedom and wild creativity. This dance has been on my mind a lot recently. I've been trying to find some kind of bigger connection with the universe.