Dances on the table

Dancer: Angie

Dance Location: Square Chapel, Halifax

This is a dance that... got everyone else dancing as well.

I work here as a cook in the kitchens, and the dance happened at a staff party earlier this year. We had free beer and if I've had a couple of drinks I'll just dance and dance and dance. We didn't have a DJ, so Chloe put a record on. There are a few records where I can't resist getting up and dancing on the table. Like The Mavericks, Just want to dance the night away. It doesn't matter where I am, in the pub, at a wedding, wherever, if that song comes on I'll get up and dance on the table.

So, we were up on the tables dancing and then later we were up on the bar, dancing to that song from Coyote Ugly. It was great.

At first, I used to dance for training, I'd dance until I was sweating, but now I just enjoy it. Why be miserable? If a song comes on that I like, I'll dance. It's just something that I do. There's no set moves or routine, it's just how you feel. Same record, different dance.